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Sunday, 11 August 2013

QUICK REVIEW - Burberry Beauty Eyeshadow Quad – No 07 Pink Taupe

Just a quick one today, folks – having been at work for 21 days in a row, unfortunately makeup has had to take a back seat of late, but I HAD to show you this.

I am a big fan of Burberry, as you well know – absolutely everything I have tried so far (which isn’t much, but enough to fall in love) has been of super high quality, as befits such a well-known brand.

A few ninja swatches, then, of one of their eyeshadow quads. Most of the quads are “normal” combinations – highlighter, lid shade, crease shade, eyeliner – but something about this one called out to me. A slightly stranger combination than usual, but very well thought through and each colour co-ordinates beautifully with its compatriots both in the pan and on the eye.  The colours blend well without turning too “muddy”.

Pink Taupe comprises a shimmery beige-gold taupe; a softly muted, lightly shimmering mossy green; a mid-toned matte dusty rose; and a matte cool brown with purple undertones.


I quite fancy trying No 06 Plum Pink, as well. I think I also need to try their sheer foundation……… sigh. I suppose this is the only drawback of lusting after a brand like Burberry - this is going to end up being an expensive love affair.

Burberry makeup products can be bought from their website in the UK here.

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