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Friday, 25 October 2013

A few cheeky additions to the MAC collection…….. Syrup, Craving, Crosswires and See Sheer

Literally, a quick in and out today. You know how much I love MAC lipsticks – well, certain formulations, anyway – and with payday looming I thought I would add a few to the collection.  Three out of the four are based entirely on a review by the lovely Estee of Essiebutton (and buying on recommendation makes me feel completely and utterly vindicated in spending the money……!). The shape of her lips is fantastic (and she's got gorgeous eyes, too - some people have all the luck!) and she really rocks these shades - it will take a bit more work on my slightly thinner lips but definitely worth it.

Syrup (Lustre) – according to the MAC website, this is a “cloudy pink”. It's not really anything of the sort - it's more of a sheer mauve.
Craving (Amplified Crème) – described as a “burst of plum”. Can't argue with that.
Crosswires (Cremesheen) – a “clean, pinky-orange”. Hmm, kinda sorta - more of a coral, I would say. Definitely a wearable one though, due to the slight pink tinge it has, which stops it leaning too warm.
See Sheer (Lustre) – “grapefruit pink”. No. No no no. This is another coral - sheerer than Crosswires, letting the pinky-ness of my lips to show through a bit, which stops it teetering into the abyss of "orange", from which there would be no return. I hate orange lipsticks.

L-R: Syrup, Craving, Crosswires, See Sheer

L-R: Syrup, Craving, Crosswires, See Sheer
Note to self - must invest in a lightbox. The colours have come out a little darker in the photo than they are in real life - not overly so, though.

As always, the Lustres provide a glossier, sheerer finish; Cremesheen and Amplified Crème still feel quite nourishing (or, at least, not completely moisture-stripping) but with medium to full coverage pigment and a little less slip than Lustres (and therefore better wear time – I average two to three hours if I don’t eat, drink or speak, whereas Lustres give me an hour at best).

Next on the list of wants – Plumful, Fanfare and Vegas Volt. I am definitely challenging my own personal status quo – I’m really embracing the “louder” shades, even if I do tend to wear them as a sheer stain during the daytime!  :-)

Any more I should try?


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