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Thursday, 21 June 2012

Did I mention I bought some shoes?

Zoinks! Wowsers! Gadzooks!

No further introduction needed; I have finally caved and bought some Louboutins.

Being up in Manchester on Wednesday afternoon, having got there ridiculously early for a Pearl Jam gig (oh yeah, did I mention I went to see Pearl Jam, too?), we found ourselves at a bit of a loss so I took His Nibs round Selfridges and Harvey Nicks, and BY GOD could I have spent some serious dough. Selfridges had a sale on, so got a couple of bits for Mr S and had dinner in Harvey Nichols' restaurant feeling severely under-dressed (remember - we'd be dressed for Pearl Jam, so it was all about the jeans, battered Converse and a lumberjack shirt. Seriously, the Nineties are not dead).

Whilst there, I tripped and fell over and found myself walking out with a Louboutin bag.

I won't say much, other than this is a moment I have dreamed of for quite some time - yeah, yeah, yeah I know they're just shoes. They even look like "just" shoes (and feel a bit like that too - nothing overly special) but OMFG THEY'RE CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN SHOES AND THEY ARE SHINY AND THE SOLES ARE RED. 

I went for some that look normal because I am a normal person, not someone that usually takes to wearing leopard-print, 8-inch heels and peacock feathers. I should get some decent wear out of these.

Pics, just because:

What do you think? Waste of money, or stuff of which dreams are made?



  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the red soles!!! I have been after stiletto versions for ages!! xx

  2. They are lovely, but you have more money than sense!! Haha I bought some cheap black shiny stiletos and painted the soles with shiny red nail polish, voila, cost me a tenner total hehe but then again im skint and thrifty! Xxx

  3. I know, I know - ultimately, they're just black shoes with red soles. But they're LOUBOUTINS, goddammit.

    There were some lovely Prada ones in the sale, too..... but alas that would have probably been a step too far.