"Zest is the secret of all beauty. There is no beauty that is attractive without zest." - Christian Dior

Sunday, 24 June 2012

"Promises, promises"....... holiday edition

Well, the end of another week, bringing me ever closer to my big summer holiday. Although it's not that much of a holiday (we're not going anywhere exotic as I will still be marking exams while I'm off), it's still three blissful weeks at home, sat in my pants, watching Jeremy Kyle. 

However in order to ensure the three weeks are not entirely an unproductive write-off, I have made myself some beauty-related promises that this time I WILL KEEP. 

Promise 1) Exercise four times a week.  Over the past year my bingo wings have steadily progressed from "light aircraft" to "Boeing 747".  Need rid of them, finally - so more running, coupled with some toning weights. Plus, I could do with sweating a few toxins out of my skin.

Promise 2) Drink more water. I know, I know - this one is so fundamentally obvious so you must be thinking I am the world's biggest dumbass. I just......... forget. Plus, it tastes of NOTHING. It's BORING. So, with the help of a bit of sugar-free Robinson's squash I am hoping to go from zero glasses a day to more-than-zero glasses. Added to Promise 1, I am hoping to have clear, beautiful, youthful skin in a matter of days! Yeah, right.

Promise 3) Take off make-up before bed. Some of you are now really thinking, "who is this monster?". But I genuinely do not take off my makeup before bed. Sometimes I do - mostly I don't, and yes I end up with the whole panda-eyes thing in the morning. I have a genuine excuse for this one though - due to the extreme dryness of my skin, I loathe cleaning my face, whether it be with soap and water, cream cleanser or make-up remover.  Even baby wipes. However I have found some products which don't leave my skin feeling too tight and itchy, so I am willing to give this whole "being clean" thing another try!

Promise 4) Don't impulse buy make-up. This is the one I am going to struggle with the most. However, I have a spreadsheet listing all of the different products I want to buy and try, where to get them, and out of which pay-packet I'm going to pay for them (must be the accountant in me!). So I am going to try to only buy things off the list, which are things I have researched and thought about and would genuinely use. This is the promise I think will be hardest to keep.

Promise 5) Throw some stuff away. I don't know if you have the same problem, but I have one of those mindsets of "it'll come in" - a phrase I learned at a young age from my family, who also hate to throw anything away if it might have some future use. So that bright yellow and blue eyeshadow I bought for an eighties-themed party? "Keep that, it'll come in!"

I also have the same problem with high-end make-up products - no matter how unsuitable it is for my skintype/colouring, if I've spent a fair few quid on it I am loathe to get rid of it. I don't think I will be able to bring myself to put it all in the bin, but I definitely need to find good homes for them because they're just cluttering up my dressing table and making the place look untidy.

I think that will do for now - wish me luck!


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