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Monday, 13 May 2013

QUICK REVIEW: Revlon Colourstay 24 Hour Foundation – Normal/Dry Skin (150 Buff) – SPF 20

Busy busy busy, but thought I'd drop in some swatches of a "drugstore" foundation that I actually like (Shock! Horror!). I included it in my big foundation swatch-a-thon a few weeks ago, but have never actually got round to reviewing it (despite the fact I am now on my third bottle).

According to the blurb, this should afford one a “flawless look, lightweight feel” - not sure I agree with that, necessarily. I can definitely feel it on my face - although it's not uncomfortable, I know it's there. This is not a "no-makeup" foundation.

COLOUR: This one’s a tiny teeny bit too light for me on a daily basis – I would normally get 200 Nude, but I must have been feeling pale that day – but would be fine in winter, or with some bronzing warmth added. Nude is also slightly more pink-peach in undertone (which is brightening to my skin) than Buff, which leans neutral.

COVERAGE: Really good, but slightly sheerer in the normal/dry variant. The combo/oily version is much better for coverage but makes me look mask-like - and if I were to turn around too quickly, my face would probably end up on the back of my head.

STAYING POWER: I think 24 hours would be a bit of a stretch (not that I would ever test it for that long) – but it shows some definite signs of wear and tear around the 6 hour mark, with the nose and chin all but disappearing after eight or nine. Fine if you top up at lunchtime, but AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR DAT.

AND THE DRY SKIN….?: Even with the normal/dry version, there’s still a little bit of “flaking” on my dry patches after a while, but this doesn't set in for a good few hours and is easily rectified with a little squirt of Mac Fix + spray.

Here are some hand swatches, and before-and-afters for your perusal.......... (bare skin alert!).

Bare skin - just a dash of moisturiser (and a self-inflicted poke in the eye, as you can tell from the bloodshot stare)

Just one layer of Revlon Colourstay - applied with a flat-topped stippling brush

Still only one layer, but a bit more face added - this is my "day" face, i.e. NYX Rouge Cream Blush in CB02 Natural, NARS Loose Powder in Flesh (just on chin and bridge of nose), No7 Exquisite Curl mascara in black, and a slick of Lanolips Lip Ointment in Apples
Left: natural (overcast) daylight      Right: indoors, titanium bulb light
Revlon Colourstay can be bought from Boots for £12.49, but is more often than not on some sort of three-for-two deal (which it is at the moment, so bag yourself a bargain!).



  1. This looks too thin for me still :( Looks lovely on your good skin but on my shite skin it would be too weak!! xxx

    1. You can do a second layer which gives you better coverage, but my dry skin can't usually take it unfortunately.....

      And anyway, there's no such thing as bad skin, just bad skincare (apparently....!) :-)

      Would you need the combo/oily version, anyway? The coverage is better in that one as it also mattifies a bit. xxx

  2. I have dry spots and oily spots unfortunately. Maybe the oily one would be better, they tend to be a bit thicker! I don't think any skincare regime would improve my face!! Still devastated they are discontinuing my Max Factor. I bought 3 lots on Amazon the other day!! :) xxx