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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

QUICK REVIEW: Burberry Beauty – Lip Cover lipsticks: Antique Rose, Sepia, Brick Red

Another drive-by review today – about another product I love. Burberry seems to get all of their products right – whether it’s lipsticks, eyeshadows, or base products (especially the Fresh Glow which I have recently bought – review coming soon!). Everything is done with taste, class and ridiculously superior quality.

In the spotlight today are the Lip Cover lipsticks (of which I own three, which is nowhere near enough). Having also got a couple of Lip Velvets and Lip Mists, I can safely say that there is no bad apple among the formulas, but that they do very different things.

According to the Burberry UK website, “……….Burberry Lip Cover adds a touch of radiance. The lightweight combination of nourishing oils and gel dispersed pigment ensures intense moisture and long lasting colour. Burberry Lip Cover contains anti-aging ceramides for fuller lip definition. Apply like a normal lipstick or apply to the finger and press into the lips for an effortless natural colour.”

Although I have next to no idea what ceramides are, I think the description is pretty spot-on. The Lip Covers are more of a satin finish, meaning they are more nourishing, have good slip and keep my lips relatively hydrated. The drawback to this of course is the re-application – wear time for me is less than an hour, but to be honest when the packaging is this luxe and the product itself is so damn awesome, reapplying this bad boy is no chore.

The three shades I have are:

No. 11 Antique Rose – a soft dusty  mauve-rose, which applies a little “milky”-looking on me, but that disappears once it has settled for five minutes.

No. 12 Sepia – a lovely deep, neutral rose shade with brown tones that is dark enough to give definition and pizzazz, but not so over the top that it isn’t work appropriate.

No. 19 Brick Red – a deep, velvety red that can also be work appropriate if blotted, but can also be layered up for night-time oomph. Nowhere near as bright as it's Lip Velvet cousin, Military Red - so infinitely more wearable. I'll get a lot of mileage out of this one.


L-R: Brick Red, Sepia, Antique Rose
Top: Antique Rose; Middle: Sepia;  Bottom: Brick Red
Bare lips, for reference
No. 11 Antique Rose
No. 12 Sepia
No. 19 Brick Red
Due to the slippiness of these, and the opaque coverage (swatches below are one-swipers), I would recommend copious blotting and lip-brush application for these. I went for the “straight-out-of-the-bullet” approach for the lip swatches, and as you can see, it looks shoddy – not too bad for Antique Rose, but you need precision for the darker shades.

My wishlist is getting longer……. There are at least five other shades I NEED IN MY LIFE.

Burberry – is there nothing you get wrong?


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