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Saturday, 21 April 2012

NARS eyeshadows - a piteously small collection

I confess; I don’t have many of these. Hardly any, in fact. My wallet protests vociferously every time I go on the NARS website and even think of putting anything in my shopping basket. However, I recently put some cotton wool in my ears, made sure there was a minimum distance of 10 metres between myself and aforementioned wallet and splashed out on an eyeshadow trio from the new Summer 2012 collection.
Ah, Ramatuelle – how I love thee. Not a first choice for any cool-skinned gal, but I’m so glad I went for this – the iciness of the silver more than outweighs the warmth of the peach and apricot colours.
The silver and peach are both shimmery, whereas the apricot is a matte shade and blends beautifully as a crease colour. Normally, Nars + shimmer = disastrous fall-out, but I am very impressed with these. Even without primer, they stay put for around five or six hours - I can eke it out to eight hours if I put them over my beloved MAC Painterly paintpot.
For the sake of completeness I have also added pics of the other two NARS eyeshadow sets I currently own (two! How does the make-up addict in me sleep at night? This frankly pitiful display needs improving, pronto). Top of the list of potential future additions is the Lhasa single – it looks like a beguiling combination of lavender and taupe and I MUST OWN IT SOON. 
Right, pics.
Ramatuelle trio - Summer 2012

Delphes trio - Fall 2011

Grand Palais duo - Fall 2011
Any others I should go for? 

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