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Monday, 9 April 2012

NYX Round Lipsticks - initial swatches

Back in the times of my mis-spent youth, there was one makeup item that I avoided like the plague.  It made me think of old ladies, of Grandma puckering up for a kiss at Christmas, smelling like a giddy mixture of last-week’s cut flowers and pink wafer biscuits. On top of that, the up-keep put me right off. Have to reapply every hour or so? More, if you’ve had a cuppa? No thank you.
I’m talking, of course, about lippie.
I don’t know whether it’s just a sign of old age, or whether the smell/formula of lipsticks has changed drastically – but now I love ‘em. Can’t get enough of them. A few years ago, I was more about the quantity than the quality, and thus began my love affair with NYX. Since then, I have also added to my collection some Chanel Rouge Cocos, some Dior Addicts, and plenty of MAC cremesheens and lustres. But I always go back to NYX, like a heroin addict returning to a dealer. The variety of colours and finishes! And the supreme cheapness!  How can I resist?

I used to get mine from Love Makeup because they were cheaper than RRP (http://www.love-makeup.co.uk/cosmetics-round-lipstick-p-4181.html), but unfortunately I think they are no longer allowed to sell them this cheaply. You can also get them directly through NYX Cosmetics in the UK: http://www.nyxcosmetics.co.uk/

One thing I have found though, is that the online swatches are RUBBISH. Absolutely nothing like the actual product that ends up on your lips.
Having collected a few of these bad boys, I thought I would provide you lovely peeps with some slightly more representative swatches. These have been done on NW15-20 skin (my arm is a bit lighter than my face!), in natural light (apologies for the lighting, it’s tres overcast today!).
If and when I get a bit better camera, I’ll try to do these properly, but for now here are the arm swatches (they appear to have leant a little dark I'm afraid):

From left to right: Miracle, Spellbound, Georgia, Vitamin, Watermelon, Doll, Tea Rose, Milan, Darling, Chambord

Hope this helps those of you looking for a first foray into NYX – the quality is fantastic for the price. Round Lipsticks are currently £3.50 each on the NYX website.
Do you have any favourite NYX items? Any more of their lippies you recommend I should try…….?

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