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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Make Up Academy - mini haul 2

Having got over the initial shock of the cheapness of the goodies I ordered last week, I thought it now time to have a more in-depth look at some of the items. Blushers first.

I tried to go for those which looked as though they might suit my skin tone….. but that’s the problem with buying online I suppose; it’s a bit “sight unseen”. Unfortunately it’s the only way I could get them – although MUA products are sold in my local Superdrug, whenever I have been in there it’s as though people are expecting some sort of Apocalypse and the shelves have been picked bare of anything useable, with only the odd forlorn lipstick left like a lone survivor amidst the chaos.


I still haven’t had chance to roadtest all of the lippies yet, so that will be a review to come in the next week or so. I have had chance to test out these fabulous blushers though – and yes, they are fabulous.

In the end, I went for three shades, which are numbered rather than named. I found all three of them to be relatively finely milled, and nice and “buttery” feeling.

Shade 1 is the lightest of the bunch and (in my opinion) the prettiest. This is a fantastic everyday shade, in a cool-toned light pink which suits my skintone perfectly. This one had the lowest pigmentation of the three, which is no bad thing – I get the feeling that this one will be my go-to daily shade (once my NARS Sex Appeal finally runs out). Application is easy peasy, and you can be as heavy handed as you like due to the low pigmentation.

Shade 2 is a warmer shade of pink, a tiny bit darker than Shade 1 and with rosier undertones. This one still suits my cool skin, weirdly – it is still quite sheer in terms of pigmentation so I suppose that helps. This is still day-time appropriate, too.

Shade 3 is the darkest of the bunch, and is definitely not one I would have bought had I seen it in the flesh – a much browner shade (almost mahogany) with distinctly warm undertones, this one is also the most pigmented so you have to have a light hand. This would probably better suit ladies with darker skin tones (I might like it a bit better if I had any sort of tan!).

For the princely sum of a pound each (yep, you read that correctly - £1), you can’t go far wrong with these. I see a few more on the horizon…….

Apologies for the big gouge mark on Shade 1 – I mistakenly dug my thumbnail into it as I was lining them up for their picture. 

L-R: Shade 1, 2 and 3

See any you fancy?



  1. It is gorgeous - in the flesh, it reminds me a bit of NARS Orgasm, but without the shimmer. Which is fantastic, because the NARS one makes me look like a disco glitterball! :)

  2. shade 4 is also quiet nice and i would think it suits all skin tones too

    1. It is lovely - it is the nicest feeling one out of the bunch, but alas it's just too dark for me.

      I have tried it as a crease color on the eye though, and that seems to work quite well, so all is not lost! :)

  3. Shade 1 looks so cute and pretty may ave to get this one :-) xxx