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Thursday, 19 July 2012

NARS sheer lipstick - Tzigane

I love all things NARS. I know, I know, I have expensive taste. I even love the products which perhaps aren’t worth the money……….. (Brightening Serum, I’m looking at you). But if there is one NARS product that is definitely worth a look, it’s their lipsticks.

There are four formulas available – satin, sheer, semi-matte and pure matte, and I love them all. Even the mattes (which I would normally back slowly away from without making eye contact, for fear of my lips flaking just by being in the same room as a matte lipstick).

This is one of my favourites – Tzigane.

One of the sheer formula lipsticks, Tzigane is one of the most moisturising lipsticks that I own, and despite it’s formula title is actually quite an opaque colour on my lips. Staying power is slightly above average for me – a couple of hours (which, considering I am such an inveterate tea drinker, is pretty damn good), but I can eke it out to three hours if I apply a lip-liner underneath (I like NYX Peekaboo Neutral with this one).

NARS describe the colour as a “pink brandy”, which is cute but not entirely correct. It’s a slightly rosy muted brown, leaning slightly warm as it has a hint of peachy undertone. If I recall correctly, this was originally part of the Spring 2011 collection.

The black, rubberised packaging picks up every single fingerprint and speck of dust. Robust, though.

Left: bare lips            Right: NARS Tzigane
It works fabulously with a simple neutral eye (I usually go for a wash of champagne shimmer on the lid and a mid-taupe blended crease, with lashings of black eyeliner), and the NARS Gilda blush as it suits the undertones of the lipstick perfectly.

My heart tells me I need to get a load more of these lippies, although at £17.50 a pop I may have to take out a third mortgage (I have already got a second mortgage on the go after having bought a couple of NARS blushers…..!).

Next on the list to try – Pago Pago, Dolce Vita, and Outsider.

NARS lipsticks can be purchased directly through their website, or at Space NK

Which NARS lipstick formula do you prefer? Or do you think they are overpriced nonsense….?


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