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Sunday, 27 May 2012

NYX lipliner pencils - on-lip swatches

Disclaimer: I realise that the volume of recent NYX-related posts may make you think I am affiliated with them in some way. I'm not, I just own a lot of their stuff, because it's such decent quality for so little money.

Anyway. I’m not going to carry on with my rant and rave about how luvverly my lips now are. I can resist on this occasion. For once, then, let’s allow the swatches to do the talking; see if you can tell which ones suck all of the moisture out of my lips out like the face-hugger stage of the Alien in the film with the same name.


810 Natural - most drying lip product  I own. Look at those lip wrinkles! Yeuch.
828 Ever - the perfect foil for Chanel Rouge Coco Mademoiselle
834 Prune - I hate this colour - don't know what possessed me to get it. Oh, I remember - it was CHEAP.
844 Deep Red - perfection personified. It makes red lipsticks pop and last all night - I use it with Revlon Really Red (matte) and MAC's Ruby Woo for extra punch
849 Beige - the shimmers are a lot less drying than the mattes - but you pay for it in longevity. Gorgeous colour though
850 Nectar - my all-time favourite. I wear it on its own for a long-lasting, natural daytime lip, then under Vitamin or Watermelon for extra staying power in the evening
858 Nude Pink - another one I'm not a fan of. This sort of light, milky pink colour does me no favours when it goes on as matte as this one - look at those lip flakes!!!!! Where's my Lanolips........
860 Peekaboo Neutral - another one to wear on it's own, MLBSD (my lips but slightly drier), but fine with a bit of lipbalm underneath or a sheer gloss on top

See any you fancy?


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