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Saturday, 5 May 2012

NYX lipstick haul and swatches

Following my post about how stupendously “pillowy” my lips now are after having used Lanolips ointment for a few weeks (reviewed here), I went a tiny bit mad on the NYX website. In my defence, this is only because they sent me an email about half-price lippies – when this sort of thing happens, my brain sort of shuts down, my eyes glaze over, and my hands automatically reach for the laptop to place orders for many shiny pretty things. In this instance, I think I am to be excused as the promotion meant that the lipsticks were a mere £1.75 each – and at those prices it would be frankly rude not to pick up a couple. Or seven.

In my sale-induced state of semi-consciousness, I must have also put some lipliners and retractable lip-liners into the basket as well, because they were in the package when it arrived last week. Nuffin’ to do wiv me, guvnor.

Anyway, unfortunately NYX made a boo-boo and sent me “Rea” when I blatantly ordered “Frappucino” – I’ve emailed them, so hopefully they will sort it out, but I’m not holding out much hope (although for £1.75 I guess it’s a mistake I could suffer). In any case, there’s no chance I could wear Rea – it’s a satin-matte concealer-lips nude, which would make me look like a corpse. 

** UPDATE ** After only one day, NYX have responded to my email with their full apologies, and will be sending the right one out to me toute suite. Fair play to them. 

L-R: Snow White, Heredes, B52, Celebrate, Apollo, Mars, Rea
L-R: Snow White, Heredes, B52, Celebrate, Apollo, Mars, Rea

L-R: Lipliners - Nude Pink, Peekaboo Neutral, Ever; Retractable eyeliners - Black, Deep Purple

I must admit, you kind of take a leap of faith when buying NYX round lipsticks. Not only because the online swatches might as well just be pictures of someone’s Auntie Jean, for all the good they do – but also, the formula is inconsistent. Not just between finishes, but within the same finish, which is a bit weird. So some of the crèmes are fine, others are rubbish – and some of the lustres are great while others are frankly pish.

The retractable eyeliner in Black is a re-purchase – in fact, this is my third one! – and as I had great experiences with this formula, I picked up the Deep Purple, too – only to be bitterly disappointed. I haven’t tried it on the eye yet, but based on this hand-swatch it looks like it’s going to be one of those patchy and sheer jobs that take a lot of work, which I just cannot be bothered with.

Anyway, I had a lot of fun with my “pick-random-colours-off-the-website” session, so the only lippie I knew I definitely wanted was Snow White, while the others were a bit of a gamble. Seems to have paid off, in the main – I know I’ll get some wear out of these (especially Mars, which seems to be the perfect pinky-nude for me), but I will even try out some of the darker ones, so all in all, GOOD HAULAGE. 

NYX products can be bought directly from NYX in the UK here.


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