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Sunday, 20 May 2012

On-lip NYX lipstick swatches - part deux

Following last week’s swatches, I have finally trudged my way through the collection. I don’t have as many as I thought I did – some have found new homes, some have found their way into the bin – but still took a while to get through!

I have really enjoyed swatching my way through my lipstick drawer – it has made me remember some old friends, and dust off some colours that I thought I would never be brave enough to wear; seemingly, courage comes with getting older, as I now would have no qualms about wearing any of these. Yep, even the mother-fudging bright pink at the end.

Some of them, the shimmer finishes in particular, would benefit from being applied over a nude lip-liner as the slip can be outrageous. Although it means your lips won’t dry out too badly, it does mean that the colour can, and will, end up in your eyebrows.

Anyway, swatcheroo:

Chambord - shimmery nude, leans brown
Mars - satin finish nude, leans verrrrrry brown
Doll - muted, mauve rose (satin finish). One of my faves
Georgia - lightened baby pink, icy shimmer
Tea Rose - neutral, milky-but-not-too-milky rose pink - LOTS of slip, but perfect with a dark, smoky eye
Milan - lovely, but somewhat pointless, colour - my lips but....... my lips. Slightly darker, perhaps.
Darling - shimmery, icy taupe with minimal pink tones. Not for me, sadly - CORPSE FACE!!!
Miracle - I love this one. I hate that I couldn't get it to photograph properly - it's an in-your-face fuchsia pink with slight coral undertones. Not one to wear with a smoky eye or a bright blush colour, unless you wanted to potentially be mistaken for Toni Basil - and who am I to judge you?
So whaddya think? Any that take your fancy?

There are a few more I've got my eye on - and for £3.50 each, how can I resist?



  1. I love it - not a fan of pinks generally, but this one actually suits me (yay!). In the pic it doesn't look that much different to Miracle, but it is worlds apart. Love 'em both though!

    You going to be investing in any? That half-price sale was BRILLIANT.