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Sunday, 13 May 2012

NYX lipsticks - on-lip swatches

Following my recent haul (which has brought my NYX lipstick collection up to a very respectable 22), I thought it time to begin trying some on-lip swatches so you can see what they actually look like, and seeing as my lips are now visions of divine plumpness, this is actually a very real possibility! Ooh-er!

Anyway, I don’t think I quite realised how long this would take, given that some of these colours STAIN LIKE A BIYATCH, and using Clinique “Lids, Lashes and Lips” remover over and over again has covered me in a gunky, oily residue which is making me feel like I need to have a bath in bleach.

Ok, here are my first snaps – I’ll hopefully manage to do the rest in another couple of batches later on in the week. Once my poor lips and chin have fully recovered from the ordeal of this first round.

Bare lips, for reference. They're quite rosy, so lipsticks tend to look pinker on me. You have been warned!
Apollo - a burnished copper, with shimmer
B52 - a muted, darkened rose-brown
Celebrate - a burnt coppery brown, slight shimmer
Heredes - mid-toned, warmed brown, with slight orange undertone
Snow White - deep, vampy cool-toned red. This is a lot of hard work and very pigmented, I just put a thin layer on with a lip brush and still ended up with some in my hair and under my fingernails. This stuff SPREADS.
Spellbound - deep, Barbie-like pink with a satin finish - loads of slip, this one won't last longer than five minutes unless you stand very still in a cupboard without speaking/eating/drinking/breathing.
Vitamin - a very shimmery, light corally-peach. Works well over the Nectar slim lipliner
Watermelon - if it weren't for the fact I took the bloomin' pictures, I would swear that this one is Vitamin again. However it does differ slightly - more pinky than corally, although still a shimmery-peach tone, and a little more muted than Vitamin
 More to come soon!



  1. I love these Jen, deffo got to get me some of that Watermelon stuff, love the swatches, it's the only real way to tell the colours even if you're lips are slightly rosier than mine. Cheers for the lips tips xxx

  2. Cock indeed!!!!

    Glad you like the colours - the rest have been posted today, so have a look through and see if there are any others you fancy! If I can shamelessly encourage you to buy things, my work here is done :)

  3. Haha cock! Im not sure about b 52 now i prefer vitamin! Xxx